eLearning Course on Human Papilloma Virus

Human Papilloma Virus – from molecular biology to global health – an eLearning course, 5th Feb-9th March, 2018

In this internet-based one-week (1,5HEC) eLearning course, insights and knowledge of these topics are gained:

– HPV infection and the burden of HPV-associated diseases

– methods for detection of HPV and the bioinformatics methods for HPV classification.

– best practice for organized cervical screening.

– assessment of internationally standardized quality indicators of cervical screening

– validation of results from screening and vaccination and their implications on the cancer burden

Course content

Block 1, Day 1-3: Molecular Biology of HPV

Block 2, Day 3-4: Cervical Screening and HPV vaccination

Block 3, Day 5-6: Quality Assurance and Follow-up of HPV-targeted Cancer Control

– Video lectures

– Assignments

– Discussion thread

Course management

Joakim Dillner, Course director, MD, PhD, Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Ulla Rudsander, PhD, Course administrator

The course is part of the BIGH (Biology of Infections and Global Health) Doctoral Programme at Karolinska Institutet. It is run in collaboration with the International Human Papilloma Reference Center.

Find here the our YouTube channel including tutorials from the course 2018.