Frederik Trier Møller


I am a medical doctor and PhD currently specializing in public health medicine at Statens Serum Institut, Denmark. I am project managing the projects “Consumer purchase data for improvement of public health” and the eConsent app, partially funded by a NIASC seed grant, as well as Helsefonden. Historically food frequency questionnaires has been used to assess lifestyle in research but have several limitations such as (missing data, reporting bias etc.). Recently large scale sources of consumer-purchasing data has become available and could be ideal to assess lifestyle, with each supermarket visit in effect corresponding to answering a 25.000 item questionnaire. Consumer purchasing data can be unobtrusively collected continuously over the year, supporting the detection and later communication of lifestyle determinants of disease flares and onset. The seed grant from the NIASC consortium has facilitated the construction of an e-consent platform using a validated patient consent toolkit, supported by NemID/bank ID, featuring control questions to secure that the information is understood. Over the last year of the NIASC consortium grant period, pilot studies will be conducted, and the developed consumer data will be used to conduct studies within the EU project framework OH EJP