Davit Bzhalava


I have a PhD degree in bioinformatics. Currently, I am a NIASC-employed bioinformatician at the Swedish node and the coordinator of NIASC bioinformatics team. I mainly work on developing parallel bioinformatics pipelines and algorithms for analysing metagenomic datasets generated from Next Generation Sequencing technologies.

Kimmo Pääkkönen


I graduated from the University of Helsinki from the department of biochemistry. I studied protein three dimensional structure determination by NMR. I did post-doc in Riken, Yokohama Japan, as part of a programming team aiming to automate the most time consuming part of the NMR spectra analysis for structure calculations. After second post-doc in Institute of Biotechnology in Helsinki, Finland, I worked in private company making analysis software for mass spectrometry data and managing the computer infrastructure. In late 2014 I started at FIMM to work with sequencing data and genome wide association studies. Currently I work in the SISU project as project coordinator / data manager. My work has been organizing the data and working on automating some of the data analysis. In the future the challenge is to be able to handle and analyse the huge amounts of data that whole genome sequencing is producing. Team leader: Aarno Palotie Institution: FIMM (Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland) Country: Finland E-mail: Kimmo.Paakkonen@helsinki.fi

Victor Yakimov


Victor is a NIASC-employed bioinformatician and is situated in the Danish node. He has a Master’s degree in bioinformatics from Copenhagen University, and a Bachelor’s degree in nanotechnology. He considers himself one-third geneticist, one-third statistician, and one-third programmer. He has experience in machine-learning, RNA-seq, GWAS studies, and on an average days is elbows deep in Python, R, LaTeX, and Bash. He was involved in designing a new, flexible system for the Danish biobank register, and has worked on a Greenlandic metabolic GWAS study. E-mail: VIYA@ssi.dk